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Hey y’all! The release of my next book baby is drawing every closer. It’s hard to explain this feeling. (Mamas out there, I can only liken it to how it feels when your belly is big, the birthing is near, and the room is ready—-only without the swollen cankles. Somebody say “halleluyer!”)

I would be speaking of my storytelling cookbook Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce.  HIMFS_3D_FINAL_blogYep, I’ve named this child, dreamed about her, and now I want to share her with the world. Simply put, your happy hostess here is in a let’s get this party started kind of mood, and that’s had me hard at work dreaming up surprises with you in mind! Check this out:

Preorder Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce before September 1st, email your receipt to shellierushingtomlinson@gmail.com and we’ll mail you a second book *FREE when it hits the shelves!

What, the what?! *Buy one get one free?

Yep, crazy, huh? But, there’s more!

We’ll also reply to your email with a social media image of Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce. Share that pic, tag us with ‪#‎hungryisamightyfinesauce‬ and we’ll enter you in my Humongous Giveaway! A prize package valued at more than $2,000 that includes:

One *Limited Edition Mort Kunstler print “Moonlight and Magnolias”, retail value of $1500.00!


*This famous print was envisioned by the renowned artist Mort Kunstler on a trip to Arlington Plantation in my own home town of Lake Providence, LA, after being commissioned by entrepreneur Sam Wyly to create a Civil War painting incorporating the businessman’s ancestral home. Upon researching a historic grand ball held on April 6th, 1861, Mr. Kunstler imagined an evening filled with stolen kisses and at least one marriage proposal to produce this valuable collector’s piece of a special moment in time.

There’s more!

You’ll also get a $500 Visa gift certificate


and these fantastic offerings from Barbour Publishing:


-Too Blessed to be Stressed Coloring Book ~by Deborah Debora Cotyhttp://www.barbourbooks.com/…/Too-Blessed-to-Be-Stressed-Co…

-Power Prayers Coloring Book -Power Prayers to Start Your Day Devotional Journal ~by Barbour Publishing http://www.barbourbooks.com/…/Power-Prayers-Coloring-Book,1…

-The Bible Promise Book for Women – Prayer Journal Edition ~ by Barbour Publishing http://www.barbourbooks.com/…/Bible-Promise-Book-for-Women-…

-Power Prayers to Start Your Day Devotional Journal ~by Barbour Publishing http://www.barbourbooks.com/…/Power-Prayers-to-Start-Your-D…

-My Prayer Journal ~compiled by Barbour Publishing http://www.barbourbooks.com/…/My-Prayer-Journal-Mornings-wi…

-Encouraging Prayers for Morning & Evening ~compiled by Barbour Publishing http://www.barbourbooks.com/…/Encouraging-Prayers-for-Morni…

-My Box of Bedtime Stories ~by Daniel Partner and Jane Landreth

-Leadership Excellence ~by Pat Williams

-2017 Planner for Each New Day ~by Helen Steiner Rice

And there you have it! My HUMONGOUS Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce Giveaway!

Be a sweetie and share and share alike!

Hugs, Shellie

*buy one get one free offer applies to first 150 orders


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