“There is nothing much funnier than someone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and just ‘tells it all.’ I know I’ve mde a pretty good living doing just tht. As a Yard Bubba (you’ll have to read the book for an explantion),living in a house ful of Southern Belles, I am here to tell you that Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is laugh-out-loud funny. For anyone tht has an ounce of Southern blood flowing through their veins or those that wish they did, this book is going to be a tresure.” — Jeff Foxworthy

“New research published in the International Jouralof Obesity has discovered that laughter really is the best medicine for a weigh problem. I know this to be true as I lost en pounds reading Shellie’s latest book! Five diamonds in the Pulpwood Queen’s Tiara of great reads!” Kathy L. Patrick, founder of the Pulwood Queens, largest “meeting and discussing book club in the world!

“Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is a bona fide treasure! Her Southern-as-grits anecdotes and wisdom are deliverd with wide-eyed clarity and candor– and a lot of side-splitting humor. Shellie’s goal (in her own words) is to “shine some Southern insight on the absure,” and she succeds with sparking wit and a real love of her subject.” So pull up a rocking chair on Shellie’s virtual porch, and be prepared to be entertained– and you might just learn a few things, too.” — Karen White, national bestselling author of “On Folly Beach”

“Irresistible! Charming, witty, and real, it touched my heart and tickled my funny bone. Makes me want to be a Southern girl!” – Jane Porter, author of “She’s Gone Country”



Whether you watch her on TV, listen to her in person or on the radio, or read her writings, the experience is the same. Shellie Rushing Tomlinson makes you feel comfortable with who you are and where you are. She helps you to see that God’s intention was not to make life complicated, and that it’s okay to laugh at yourself. Listening to Shellie makes a person feel that everyone can be a southerner at heart… She paints a warm, friendly portrait of the South — a kinder, gentler place. If you’re not from the South you’ll wish you were! ~Ed Murphy/Executive Producer, Good Morning ArkLaMiss CBS affiliate KNOE-TV8

It was a very hot July day in Louisiana… Shellie was the keynote speaker for Louisiana Association of Chiefs of Police annual conference Ladies luncheon. It was my honor to host this state-wide event. After arriving at Poverty Point, I soon realized that due to the size of the crowd our event had been moved outside to the Marina’s deck. We situated the ladies outside and brought out as many fans as the deck would hold. After many sighs and “Oh, I’m sooooo hot”….  in walks Shellie. I nervously welcomed her, explained our change of plans, and apologized for the heat. She took the news with great humor and began her program. Needless to say… Shellie stole the show and won our hearts! The ladies completely forgot about the heat. They laughed and clapped and wanted more. It was a wonderful, motivational experience. Shellie leaves you with a tremendous warm feeling for your family, church, and friends! I count it an honor to recommend her to other organizations.  ~Marilyn Reynolds – Winnsboro, LA Wife of LACP President – Mitch Reynolds

Most syndicated radio shows sound syndicated and listeners know it isn’t local. Not so with ATS. Shellie is just as much a local personality as our morning man. That’s because she has been so willing to work with us producing promo announcements and has even gotten involved in local public service campaigns. We’ve had people come by the radio station wanting to talk with Shellie! The recipe Segment of ATS is so popular that we’ve archived two years of shows and created a weekend feature. If you’re in a small or medium sized market pick up ATS before the station across town does!  ~Mark Aulabaugh – KSEY FM, Seymour Texas

  • Sharon Parker
    January 14, 2013 at 11:42 am

    I am with the First Baptist Church of Rayville and we would love to have you at one of our events. Please e-mail me @sharondp48@yahoo.com or call me at 318-235-9382 to discuss dates and etc.
    Sharon Parker

    • Sharon Parker
      January 16, 2013 at 12:23 pm

      Just checking on your thoughts about our invitation. We would love to book you for Feb.16th, evening. Have not set a time yet.
      Thank you and hope to hear from you soon so we can put the word out.
      Sharon Parker
      Women’s Ministry
      Rayville First Baptist