Join my Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce Launch Team and get an advance copy free

Hey y’all! My storytelling cookbook Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce is releasing Oct.1st, 2016 and I’m beside myself with excitement over this project because it’s literally brimming with all the things I love best. I stuffed it full of delicious family recipes that are tried and true. Then I added inspirational thoughts, belle tips, storytelling, and humor — because life is better when you’re laughing! Can I get an amen?

HIMFS_3D_FINAL_blogThat said, I’m now looking for people interested in partnering with me to help introduce my new book baby to the world. Successfully launching a book is no small task so I’m asking my “tribe” for assistance and I intend to make it worth while for everyone involved.  Please consider this a personal invitation to apply for a spot on this special Hungry Is a Mighty Fine Sauce Launch Team. 

If you’re chosen to help launch Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce, I’ll say thank you by

~Sending you a digital copy of Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce now!

~Sending you a FREE copy as soon as I get my hands on an early shipment, which will be BEFORE Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce hits the shelves.

~Adding you to an exclusive Facebook group where I’ll regularly interact with launch team members and keep you informed on our progress. This is where you’ll see the nuts and bolts behind a book launch. You’ll get to know other launch team members, and together we’ll brainstorm ways to help Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce find her audience.

You’re wondering what you’ll have to do, right? Okay, I ask only that you:

~Tattoo an image of the book on your body and share the pic on social media! What? Too much? Yeah, that’s what my editor said. Let me try again.

If you’re chosen to be on the Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce Launch Team,  I ask that you’ll commit to:

~Having a review ready to post online (via sites like Amazon, ChristianBook, or BarnesandNoble) on the day of the book’s release, or at least within the first week. It doesn’t have to be long and you don’t have to blow smoke. A line or two of honest review will be great.

~Amplify the messages on Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce that I send out into the great wide world, or create your own, but agree to share the word throughout the launch, and especially during that all important first week of October.

~Social share a pic of Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce on your kitchen counter. Or snap a pic of yourself reading the book, cooking from the book, or tasting a dish you created from the book. Whatever image you choose, share it with #hungryisamightyfinesauce so we see it.

Please don’t apply if you aren’t willing to do those three things or if you don’t think you’ll have time to participate. This is my first time to create a launch team and I expect it to be a very special group. I also envision us staying together past the book launch and I intend to invest myself in this group so I want people who are “all in”, too.

THANK YOU in advance! I’ll announce the names of the Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce Launch Team in mid-July and we’ll begin communicating early August.

And now, drum roll, please. If you want to join my Hungry is a Mighty Fine Sauce, please fill this form out now:

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