I Don’t Know If I Lost My Horse or Found a Rope (or My BFF Earns Her Wings!)

Hello folks, last week was truly one for the books! Easter 2014 will go down in the Tomlinson family chronicles as one glory-packed, God showing up and showing out celebration. If you haven’t heard about our miracle, you can read my daughter-in-law’s update here: ProvidenceCarey.com

You back? Cool! Wonderful, wasn’t it?

And yet, life doesn’t stop moving, which means I’m so far behind I don’t know if I’ve found a rope or lost my horse. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get another newsletter by the weekend. At any rate, here’s the story I told on ATS LIVE radio’s show last Monday that I promised to put on the site. Better late than never, let’s chat…

What began with high heels, pouring rain, and wet pavement, ended with a night in the ER, a morning in the orthopedic clinic, and a verdict– fractured right arm. Excellent.


Within hours, I was scheduled to be in West Virginia speaking at The Greenbrier, known the world over as America’s Resort!

On one hand, my remaining hand, I didn’t want to cancel. However, I was quickly realizing that I didn’t need to travel alone because heretofore I have not required enough of my left arm. It knows nothing. Who you gonna call? #911 BFF!

Sometime later, my BFF and I were sailing through the skies on the first leg of our trip, with me seated eight rows behind Rhonda. Did I mention I was in pain? Surely, no one will blame me for needing a distraction. Okay, maybe Rhonda, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I had marked our jovial flight attendant as a practical joker from the get-go, (we people recognize each other.) On a whim, I waved him down and shared the details of what I must say was a brilliantly inspired prank. I knew he was in when his eyes began to gleam.

Within moments, under the gleeful eyes of those who had overheard our conversation, the attendant approached my unsuspecting friend resting at the front of the plane. After confirming that she was Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Rhonda Perry, he informed her the cockpit had received information about a security breach and her name was involved. Security personal were waiting for her at the gate in Atlanta where she would be detained for questioning.  (Breathe, Rhonda.)

As he got to the part about having a card with the name of the person who’d be conducting the investigation, my accomplice reached for his pocket. Bless her heart. Rhonda was THIS close to panicking when he handed her that business card– my business card! Boo-ya!

I know payback is coming but hey, once we landed the attendant along with the pilot presented Rhonda with a little plastic badge of honor. Yep! BFF earned her wings! That should count for something…right?

Hugs, Shellie

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  • Reply
    November 27, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    Has your arm tottaly healed?Hope you feel better and dont have any pain.

  • Reply
    April 22, 2014 at 11:43 am

    Oh, Shellie, your poor arm!! I’m so sorry to hear that! And to see you like that. Prayers for you, girl! And I read about your precious grandson. I’m so glad his story has a happy ending!!!

    • Reply
      Shellie Rushing Tomlinson
      April 22, 2014 at 4:50 pm

      It’s ok, girlfriend! Getting better all the time. Thx for celebrating Weston’s Miracle with us :)))

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