Heart Wide Open on DVD– They’re Here and I’m Feeling Queasy

It’s been 24 hours since a certain set of boxes arrived at the old homestead here yesterday. Phil opened them while I was involved in one-arm lunch preparation. (If this were another kind of post, I would go on at length about how LITTLE my left arm knows and how much of a free ride it has gotten my entire life until now, but it’s not and I won’t.)

We’ll get back to the boxes instead.

I wasn’t expecting them, but there they were. The DVD’s of Heart Wide Open.


The DVDs that are going to be in stores come May, complete with downloadable handout for small group use.


I pulled one out, stared at it, and said “Wow…”  And then I said it again, and again. As a matter of fact, I continued saying wow every few minutes until my darling husband said, “Um, I think you’ve covered wow, baby.”

The thing is, I think I said wow so many times because I haven’t really come to grips with the fact that these things are going to be available for retail, that people may actually watch them in groups! I don’t know if you’ve ever watched yourself on video, but trust me, watching myself after I did this was one unsettling experience. It still makes me queasy.  But, as my man also said, “Shellie, honey, that ship has sailed.”

Indeed. Here we go, Lord.

Hugs, Shellie



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When Shellie Breaks In

There’s a line I use on my live radio show. I like to say that when nekkid news breaks out, I break in. I can’t help it. I remain fascinated by what makes people want to take their clothes off in public. When nekkid news breaks out anywhere on the globe, I aim to cover it. Pun intended.

The most recent nekkid story to catch my attention was that clothing optional church in Virginia. It’s called the White Tail Chapel– and if you can’t find a joke there, you aren’t trying.

In the picture that accompanied the story, the pastor of White Tail Chapel was shown with his arms outstretched towards the heavens. Thankfully, he was also behind the pulpit. It seems the congregants believe that baring their bodies to each other helps them bare their souls to God. Bless their hearts, and I mean that sincerely.

Call me a prude, flood my email box, slam me on social media for being narrow-minded, and I’ll still say nude church sounds SRC (straight running crazy) to me. I only bring it up to grab your attention, which I’m pretty sure I’ve done, so I could ask you a question.


Tell me, are you devising your own ways to reach God? Are you still abusing his love like our forefathers who rebelled against His provision in the garden of Eden? Are you still naked and ashamed when God is offering you a robe of righteousness?  You might remember that a loving God clothed them in the skins of a slain animal. This, friend, was a picture of Christ who would one day die for me and you. We haven’t earned God’s forgiveness and we can’t. It’s free because His only Son paid our debt in full. You haven’t fouled up your life to the point that He will snatch that robe away should you reach for it, either. But you will have to admit, like I have, that we can’t reach Him through our own crazy plans. It might not be popular, but it’s still true. Jesus is the one and only way back to God.

Hugs, Shellie

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The Planet’s Best Coping Mechanism

Life can be hard even when it’s good. Amen?

People adopt various and sundry ways of dealing with daily stress. Some coping mechanisms are healthy, others not so much. Who among us doesn’t know someone who is ruining his or her life by trying to calm their souls with drugs and alcohol?

Other coping mechanisms are just downright strange.  I fell down an Internet hole earlier by typing “how people deal with stress” in a search engine. Trust me on this one. You don’t even want to know some of the things I discovered. In one of the milder examples, a man said that when he feels stressed he starts spelling out what the people around him are saying. That’s w-i-e-r-d. I mean, w-e-i-r-d. Thanks, spell check.

My southern mama insists that cleaning house relieves her stress. I kid you not. As of this writing, that trait has not been passed down to her girls.

My grandchildren have their own little ways of handling stress. Their parents have taught them that they can calm themselves down by taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. This isn’t my shameless way of mentioning my grandkids again, although that’s always fun. Sure, my grands are adorable taking those deep breaths with tear-streaked faces, but I only mention them because it leads me so seamlessly into my recommendation for coping. I’ve found God’s word to be the sweetest and most effective stress reliever on the planet.


The Bible isn’t composed of everyday words made from average Joe letters lined up on a page. Oh, no, friend. These words are the breath of God. And this is where I find my balance.

My life is as busy as yours, but I’ve learned the hard way not to let anything steal my time in the Word. It is literally how I breathe. If you have yet to discover the sweet rest of God, allow me to encourage you today to do yourself a huge favor. Take a deep breath of God’s word, and let it out slowly!

Hugs, Shellie

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