Compassion in Action and 30 Days of Thankfulness 2016

Hey y’all! It’s time for our annual event 30 Days of Thankfulness drive. darling

If you’re new to my front porch gathering, this may be the first you’ve heard of such a thing. If you’ve been around a while, you know that every year my readers and I spend the month of November demonstrating our gratitude for all of our blessings, rather than simply expressing it in words.

In the past we’ve banded together for a wide range of causes, dedicated to a host of different needs. We’ve given locally and we’ve reached beyond our immediate communities and our own country’s borders. I’m happy to report we’ve met our goal each year, without exception, but always after it looked for all the world like we would fall short. The pattern has finally taught this remedial learner that the results aren’t my responsibility once I’ve offered this platform for God’s purposes.

Since our last drive, I’ve begun partnering with Compassion International as a speaker. Compassion International is a child-advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with those suffering from poverty. The ministry has exemplified integrity since 1952. Conpassion is committed to releasing children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. Their goal is for each child they reach to become a responsible and fulfilled adult.

My husband and I sponsor a beautiful little girl named Darling. Seriously, her name is Darling and she is exactly that.  I downloaded the free Compassion app on my iphone and I can send Darling messages, peek into her daily life, and explore her world. And that brings me to back to our drive.

This year, our goal at All Things Southern will be to see a dozen “darlings” find sponsors. I think it’s so doable. Did you know that for $38 a month, you can feed and clothe a needy child and help them get an education—all in the name of Jesus Christ. Once their little bellies are full and they begin to flourish in school, these children are open and eager to learn more about the One in whose name they’ve been given hope for the future.

Please scoot over to www.compassion.com/shellietomlinson and ask the Lord if you’re supposed to sponsor one of the children you see before you. It’s super easy, and life transforming, not only for the child but for you, the sponsor. Will you be one of the twelve sponsors? You’ll find it easy to follow the simple steps to becoming a sponsor, but should you need me, I’m just an email away.


tomtom @ allthingssouthern.com


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